A list of places in Mani

This page is by no means finished and is really a number of lists which in turn are links to pages. The list may eventually include alphabetical listings. At present the list below is the tour from north to south.

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Verga, Sotirianaka, Haravas, Castle of Kapetanaki, Monastery of Ag. Nikolaos, Rindomo Gorge


Ag. Theodorii, Ag Iannis, Myceaenan Tholos Tomb, Kastro of Koumoundourous

Gaitses Villages

Vorio, Kendro, Anatoliko, Monasteries of Profitis Ilias and Panagia, Rindomo Gorge

Zarnata, Stavropigio and Malta

Kastro (Castle) Zarnatas, tower of Koumoundouros, churches of Zoodokos Pigi, Ag. Nikolaos, Evangelistria and Ag. Charalambos, village of Stavropigio (or Varousi), Church of Koimisis Theotokou, twin church of Ag. Iannis Prodromos & Ag. Nikolaos, village of Malta

Doli villages, Kalieneika and Kitries

Ano Doli - Churches of Profitis Ilias, Ag. Triada, Panayista, Monastery of Ag. Nikitas, Kato Doli, Ag. Vasileos, Ag. Nikolaos, Monastery of Ag. Paraskevi, Ag. Nikolaos on the road to Kitries, village of Kallienieka, Monastery of Roussaki (Profitis Ilias), port of Kitries

Tseria, Prosilio and Kalyves

Village of Prosilio, Ag. Konstantinos, Tseria - church of Taxiarches (Archangels), villages of Zacharia and Pedino, Kalyves, church of Koimisis tis Theotokou


Village of Kardamili, Pano Kardamili, church of Ag. Spiridon, The old Olive Oil Soap Factory, Meropi Island, map of Kardamili area

Viros Gorge

Monastery of Lykaki near Kalyves, Monastery of Soter at Pogonitsa

Gournitsa, Petrovouni

Petrovouni. Monastery of Phaneromeni, Monastery of Karaveli, Gournitsa (Ag. Sofia), church of Ag. Sofia

Proastio and Lakkos

Churches of Eisodia tis Theotokou, Ag. Nikolaos, Ag. Triada, Ag. Konstantinos, twin church of Ag. Spiridon & Basilios, Monastery of Ag. Theodorii, Monastery of Ag. Georgios, hamlet of Lakkos


Exohori, Nikovo, Pripitsa, Chora, Ag. Nikolaos in Chora and the last resting place of Bruce Chatwin

Vaidenitsa and High Taygetus

Tower of Kitrianaris, Monastery of Vaidenitsa, Monastery of Samouil, road over the high Taygetus, Vassiliki Forest

Kastania and Saidona

Churches of Ag. Iannis Prodromos, Koimisis Theotokou, Ag. Procopius, Ag. Nikolaos stis Maroilainas, Ag. Petros, Ag. Nikolaos, Panagia, Ag. Georgios, Ag. Nikolaos Trikambanos, Monastery of Phaneromeni, Ag. Stratigos, village of Saidona, memorial to the dead of the Civil War

Milia and Kariovouni

Village of Kato Chora (Lower Place) Milia, churches of the Panagia and Ag. Nikolaos, village of Milia, church of the Soter, Monastery of Ag. Iannis Prodromos, village of Kariovouni

Platsa including Stoupa, Ringlia, Neohori, Pyrgos, Pigi, Kotroni, Trachila

Village of Stoupa, Castle of Beaufort, villages of Neohori and Pyrgos, villages of Ag. Dimitrios, Kotroni and Trachila, village of Pigi, church of Panagia Giatrissa, village of Platsa, Ag. Paraskevi, Ag. Iannis, Ag. Dimitrios, Ag. Nikolaos Kambinari, map of area


Village of Nomitsis. Churches of Panagia, Ag.Nikolaos, Zoodokos Pigi, Analipsi, Ipapanti, Anagyrio, Metamorphoses, map of area


Village of Thalames (formerly Koutiphari). Museum, Churches of Profitis Ilias, Ag. Vasilios, map of area


Village of Langada. Churches of the Soter, Ag. Sofia, House of Kiskiras, Monasteries of Panagia and Philiatrou map of area


Village of Itilo. Church of the Soter, Monastery of Dekoulou, cave church of Panagia.

Northern Kato Mani and Vardounia

Village of Kelefa, church of Ag. Vasilieos, Castle of Kelefa, hamlet of Germa - churches of Ag. Nikolaos, Metamorphosi, Monastery of Panagia Spiliatossia, Castle of Passavas, Village of Mirsini (or Panitsa), - church of Ag. Georgios, village of Konakia - Monastery of Ag. Georgios, Taygetus mountains Monastery of Panagia Giatrissa, village of Ag. Nikolaos - Kastro of Vardounia, town of Githeon, Kranae Museum

Southern Kato Mani

Village of Vachos, deserted Byzantine village of Old Kariopolis, village of Drosopigi - church of the Koimisis tis Theotokou, Monastery of Koimisis tis Theotokou, village of Nea Kariopolis - churches of Eisodia tis Theotokou and Ag. Petros, Skoutari, churches of Ag. Varvara, Koimisis, Ag. Triada, Ag. Iannis Chisostomos, Monastery of Ag. Georgios, Monastery of Zoodokos Pigi.

The Sunward Coast

The east coast of the Deep Mani. From Kotronas to Lagia.

Deep Mani

Description of Deep Mani and the Kakavouliotes

Deep Mani 1- Areopoli to Kitta

Village of Limeni, town of Areopoli, twin churches of Panagia and Ag. Charalambos and church of Taxiarches, hamlet of Glezos, church of Taxiarches, hamlet of Tsopokas, church of Trissakia, hamlet of Erimos, church of Ag. Varvara, village of Vriki, churches of Ag.Nikolaos and Ag. Georgios, village of Polemitas, churches of Ag. Michail and Ag. Nikolaos, village of Vamvaka, church of Ag. Theodoros, village of Drialos, twin church of Ag. Katerina and Ag. Georgios, village of Gardenitsa, churches of Soter and Ag. Petros, village of Kitta, church of Tourlotti

Deep Mani 2 - Cavo Grosso

Village of Ochia, church of Ag. Nikolaos, hamlet of Keria, church of Ag. Iannis, village of Kounos, Pentakia churches of Ag. Georgios and Ag. Nikolaos, church of Ag. Nikitas at Karavas, village of Kipoula, church of Ag. Anagyroi, Ano Poula and church of Ag. Nikatas, peninsula and Byzantine castle of Tigani, churches of Vlacherna, Episkopi and Ag. Procopius.

Deep Mani 3 - Ano Boulari - Taenaron

Village of Ano Boulari, churches of Ag. Stratigos, Ag. Panteleiemon, village of Kipparissos and ancient city of Kaenopolis, villages of Vathia and Porto Kaiyo, Cape Matapan or Taenaron