This guide to the Mani sprang out of my annotated sketch maps that I prepared for friends who were visiting Mani. These were at first scribbled notes and rough sketch maps but became ever so slightly more sophisticated and have grown, like Topsy, into this overblown web site. Thanks therefore to Alida and Buck Schieffelin-Gersie and Pete Chapman (no relation) and Pat Playfoot for trusting to my sketchmaps and descriptions and for encouraging me to take the project further.

Obviously any work such as this is based on reading, listening and looking. Many have helped in providing guidance, assistance, information and sustenance, often well beyond the normal call of duty, and deserve my heartfelt thanks. These include Bob Barrow, Prof. Anthony Bryer, Dr. Peter Burridge, Charalambos Chotzakoglou, Prof. Maria Konstantoudaki, Mat Dean, Georgios Dimakogiannis, Dr. Iannis Dimitreas, Voula Dimitreas, Iosif Efremides, Stathis Finopoulos, Kostas Giakoumis, Mariekaty Georgota, Lewis Grey, Peter & Rosa Hartleb, Dr. Paul Hetherington, Edwin Horlington, Takis Katsafados, Maria-Ioanna Koutsoudaki, Jon van Leuven, Marcos Mourzanakis, Spiros Nikas, Alexis Nikolopoulos, Panayota Papanikolao, Maria Patriachea, Prof. Günter Prinzing, Iannis Saitas, Sue Shimmin, Ralph & Cathie Singleton, Val Taylor, Manos and Daphni Tranoudis, Anthi Troupakis, the, sadly, late Theo Tsouleas, Dr. Ioli Vingopoulou, Prof. Malcolm Wagstaff, Craig and Sue Walker, Penny Wilson and the gang at the British School at Athens, Diana Wright and, naturally, the countless others (many of whom are mentioned 'en passant' in these pages) who have pointed the way or proffered keys. As is always the case in this sort of thing the mistakes that remain are all mine - there are a few… My thanks also to those very nice people at Zorba's Tourist Agency in Stoupa, especially Stephan Bartholomä, who are kindly hosting this site.

Then there are those who have travelled with me and suffered thirst and deprivation in the service of finding yet another church or pile of "interesting" rubble. The role of honour includes a fair number of those listed above and my father Ted Chapman, Jon Everitt (with Webster Blodgett and Victor Spagunniac in close pursuit), Stella Pilsworth, Christina Ricciardi and last, but far from least, Alex Priestley, in her beloved 'David Attenborough' shorts.

These pages are dedicated to the memory of my mother Babs Chapman, 1928 - 1997. She never visited but would have loved Kardamili, and if I know her she'd have spent most of her time in Café Aman ordering cappuccinos and eating fruit rather than struggle round crumbling old churches and castles- and who shall blame her!

John Chapman

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The author in the Viros Gorge - admittedly striking a pretentious pose (and holding his stomach in) - Mani, September 2003

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